🩸💼 defending jacob episode 7 “job” review, a thread

🩸 i know i keep saying that every new episode released is the best one released so far but the truth is, im not lying. and this episode seven, i swear to god this isnt supposed to be an intended pun, was visceral, brutal, heartbreaking and soul crushing. every second of it.
🩸first of all, id like to start by saying this scene was EVERY bit of the book that could possibly be, i swear to god even the lines were the same or at least extremely similar.
🩸 pablo schreiber is doing an EXCELLENT job as neal logiudice because he’s portraying him as visceral and professional and blood seeking attorney he should be, not to mention neal is playing his cards exactly right following andy’s guidance and footsteps which makes him a +
🩸truly and incredibly interesting and intelligent character. the intentional provoking and the dirty moves he’s displayed during he trial were mindblowing and it’s insane how as much as andy was hating him for that we know that deep down he was proud that he took all his +
🩸advices and tips and notes and became the great and dangerous attorney he is - as hard as this is to admit.
🩸speaking of accuracy, it warms my heart that they kept father o’leary’s story the same and decided to follow his origin as the book suggested. next episode is gonna be exhilarating because of this.
🩸 billy’s interest in the case makes it even more interesting to tie this up. the way they ended tonight’s episode set a VERY large path for them to finish (tbh i wanted an 1h30min finale).
🩸duffy’s and derek’s statements scenes was even better and more shattering than the book, i had to pause to process everything that was said and after they said everything and, even though i know how this ends, my mind just kept repeating “he did it. he. is. guilty.”
🩸 this scene, i wanted to go as far as calling it the best scene in the show so far but the kitchen scene was able to even top it. but this scene was every bit of heartbreaking and soul shattering it could be. in the book andy doesn’t doubt jacob for a second but to display +
🩸 - not just an ounce but an immense share of - disbelief in his own son was absolutely groundbreaking for me. chris just handled this scene in a way, that you could transparently see every bit of pain, betrayel and hurt he was feeling. i starting tearing right away because
🩸i could not accept the fact that andy, this monumentally amazing father, husband, attorney and person, has to go through this amount of problems and pain, not to mention the reality he finds himself into and all the pain it encompasses. even thought it should be laurie, +
🩸 and i say this as the power of the motherly bond, who should be in his shoes, but andy was the absolute fucking only person to actually believe jacob was innocent - despite the fact we can all agree he was in denial the whole time, as we would all be in his shoes.
🩸 and to have him question that belief, to have him question his son’s character and decency was truly one of the most unique scenes i have ever seen. taking the chris evans’ fangirl aside, this was a tremendous, simple and heartbreaking scene if you truly understand the scope +
🩸 of andy’s character. and then we come to the kitchen scene where tbh by this point i was already crying uncontrollably because it’s insane how emotionally attached i got to these characters, andy and laurie mainly, and when i say attached i mean literally achoring myself to +
🩸 them in a way i haven’t done in a long time. laurie finally admits out loud what she has been aware to herself since the beginning. i cried so much because i cant begin to comprehend the feeling of guilt and the excruciating pain she’s feeling for everything that is happening.
🩸 the EMOTIONAL STAKES of this scene weren’t mundane and it was brilliant how these both characters who stand on literally opposite to each other, were written. him, in denial and still wishing to believe jacob, and her, going against her motherly instincts to condemn him.
🩸 to me this was such an interesting book because i have never seen a mother act like this that she’d rather do the right thing, face her worst fears and condemn her own son, other than to excuse his acts because it’s her son. which is why i feel like i love laurie’s character +
🩸 so much (and yes, that had a double meaning).
🩸 anyway, i was just mesmerized with the fact that the stakes have never been higher and yet there’s so much to happen and to be explained. im literally titillated and about to explode to see the ending to this story in next week’s episode. either way im so involved emotionally
🩸that i probably might have a seizure waiting for it. thank u @chrisevans for being my favorite person on the entire planet and introducing me to this glorious universe. periodt. end of thread. thanks for coming to my ted talk. #defendingjacob
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