So... I’m always scrapped for time. Due to that, I usually plan out time to watch things. This weekend, I have set aside time to watch #TheLastDance. I like neatness so I will also only reply to this #Thread. (I am also not proficient in twitter so forgive me please).
Aight... so before I start. 1 thing to note is that I am a #DennisRodman fan. I only got to watch #MichaelJordan because he was on the same team as my favorite player. I remember #TheLastDance as something a little differently from the hype. #thread
Oh shit!!!! I don’t need to reply to my own tweet to do this, I can just tap, “add another tweet”.... 😏
Crazy. Twitter is also letting me pin the tweet to come back to it.... #thread. I’m about to go in!!
Lol... Jordan has a hell of a cigar. His view is a little better than my view out the back window. But, I’ll blame that on my 6 kids and the constant need to clean.
Who this dude saying #DennisRodman was at the end of his productive years. Slap him!!
Welp!!!!! I guess that stops it. My son just walked up saying he needs to poop. Wife and kids snuck out so I got to go potty train the Lil dude #TheLastDance will be postponed for about 8-74 minutes #thread
I’m back. #TheLastDance... damn, I didn’t know he went off on the press conference like that. How the hell did he fit in that car!! #thread
Awe man!! #TheLastDance has commercials. That’s bout as wack as my son for pooping while I was watching this. #thread
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