Black liberal elites have to defend Biden because their positions (their book deals, punditry, admin appoints, etc.) rely upon them being seen as as legitimate in the eyes most Black people.
When Biden does something negative—like use racist rhetoric—it threatens the legitimacy of these Black elites. People will question those Black elites’ allegiance to Black people if those infractions go unaddressed.
White liberal elites provide resources to the Black elites in exchange for keeping Black folk in line with the status quo. They pay them to control the narratives within the Black community. If people don’t see them as legitimate then they can’t control said narratives.
This Black elite class is in hell right now. Despite the growing inequality and worsening conditions for Black folk Obama years, they could use him as evidence of their hard work. He was also helped by talking down to Black folk every chance he got.
But now Obama is gone, and social problems continue to persist and worsen. More Black people, especially working-class youth, are starting to look at this Black elite class funny.
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