GOP Senators as #ATLA Villains: A Thread.
First up: Arizona's @MarthaMcSally as Mai.

Let's be honest: You thought Mai was going to make a stronger case for herself throughout the entire series. Yeah, she seems coolheaded, but she's actually really bothered by what she's doing.
Next, Maine's @SenSusanCollins as Hama.

“She seems like a normal old woman. But she controls people, like some dark puppetmaster." — Fire Nation villager on Hama's true nature.

@marinamaine1, is this accurate?
Then, @ThomTillis as the Cabbage Merchant.

Comedic. Bad at doing literally his only job. Not someone you want in the Senate. Not really sure that's his real name.
Iowa's @SenJoniErnst and Kuvira.

Kuvira is @BryanKonietzko's favorite villain.
He was born in Iowa.

Ok, he wasn't actually born in Iowa, but Joni, like all good midwestern gals, is an Earthbender and I didn't have a better pick.

@anthonyzarzycki could do this better.
Not a Senator, but @realDonaldTrump and Admiral Zhao. Both failures. Both fake hair. Both beat by children. #YouthVote

@BernieSanders = Iroh.

Kind. Just wants everyone to be happy and healthy. Single-handedly fought an army. Everyone's granddad. Secretly very buff.
Big Structural @ewarren = Lin Beifong.

You know Lin is all about banking. Moved across the world from Oklahoma to Massachusetts. Was really tight with Tenzin but had a very public falling out.
Ofc, #BigStructuralBailey gets to be Appa. #YipYip #ATLA
Wait, maybe @SenMcSallyAZ should be June.

Mercenary. Doesn't really believe anything. No loyalty except to the higher bidder. Not afraid of heights.
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