Now I have a stack of issues I have with Wray, but for all those screaming why didn't he do this a year ago keep this in mind. Before @SidneyPowell1 began dragging all the evidence into the open, before much of what we know now was public, Durham had begun his investigation.
Now Durham's scope what he is looking into broad & wide and involves the Flynn case because the framing of @GenFlynn is the key to this entire Russia hoax. Had they not taken out Gen Flynn the Russia Hoax never really gets off the ground, no Mueller investigation, No impeachment
We already had Horowitz nosing around in this entire mess, and then Durham ramping up his investigation, the last thing you would want is FBI/ID interfering in everything. FBI/ID is mop up work not prosecutorial work. They are the janitorial division of the bureau
But what IS VERY SIGNIFICANT with Wray now calling in FBI/ID to start digging around is this actually means Durham has pretty much completed his criminal investigation and is building his prosecutions from the evidence he's unearthed. FBI/ID is coming behind him cleaning up.
So I get everybody lashing out at Wray, because as far as I am concerned he's tits on a boar hog, but there is good news that he's called in the mop up crew.

Durham is getting close to dropping the hammer
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