Here is a better version of Ford being questioned about ODSP in relation to the pandemic/economic crisis for the second time in this entire crisis.

Let's unpack his answer, shall we?:
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First off "I have talked to many people on ODSP"

I truly believe this is false. If it were true, Ford would have known how much we are desperately struggling and been more inclined to help us. He would know we're down to 1 meal a day, if that. He would know our fear and anxiety.
"We also have a program that if people were working 10 hours or 15 hours a week they aren't going to be punished"

Firstly, That "program" is the CERB & it only goes to those who worked. Out of the total 1M S/A recipients (ODSP/OW/CPP) in Ont, only 75k work. That's less than 10%
Now let's look at how that what Ford got incorrect in that statement. It's 10-15 hours per month** NOT per week! That's the only way to stay under the $200 income limit before ODSP clawbacks

The only thing he got right there was that he is taking 50% of ppls earnings from CERB.
& finally "We're going to help them (ODSP recipients) in anyway we can"
- @fordnation

I will hold you to that Doug. Over 500,000 ODSP recipients will too.

We won't forget this. We won't back down. We need help NOW.
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@Faiza_AminTV I'd really like to thank you for asking this question. As you can see explained in this thread, his answer was not enough. Pls keep beating that same drum. Pls don't let this topic die down. We need to press him now more than ever. Thank you for speaking up for us🙏
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