A very good article, about a a very big problem in India. Do read and share. https://twitter.com/Pragyata_/status/1263799055013908480?s=20
I suppose somewhere along the line, we Indians/ Hindus started huffing our own farts high on secularism, and saw these as nothing but minor incidents. I won't be surprised if governments of yester-years actively ignored all such, as none of this is new.
Over the years control of temples all over India was continuously wrested in various states. Assets of temples were stripped, and it continues to this day. The fact that this continues unchecked even today, is but damning indictment of all governments, both past and present.
fwiw, people who were trying to check such a bad situation, like Ponn Manickavel, they even got hounded. Read this thread... https://twitter.com/indiccollective/status/1201550815296512000?s=20
Our governments all fund various good for nothing measures, even beautification of tombs of rapists and mass murderers, but little is done to protect cultural heritage of us Hindus in what was supposed to be a country for us Hindus post 1947. A truly regrettable state of affairs.
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