This is how the National Sscurity Law will affect Homg Kong's financial status.
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National Security Law: Activated.
Example 1:

1. HongKongers get mad. VERY MAD.

2. We start protesting

3. People dont go out and spend, unstable environment leads to the uncertainty in the stock market

4. Foreign investors dont invest in the HK stock market.

5. Foreign investors leave, HK stocks plummets.
Example 2:

1. China interferes too much in HK

2. Special trading status is revoked and cancelled.

3. HK stock market will be seen as the same as the mainland's

4. Causes instability, HK dollar will fall rapidly in value

5. All the HKers lose money
Example 3:

1. Political instability, economic instability, freedom of speech scrapped.

2. Talents in HK choose to give somewhere else

3. Talents overseas dont consider HK to develop

4. Development in HK slows

5. Potential of HK decreases

6. Leaving only the poor in HK
end of thread.
end of HK.
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