1) Hello my dear God-Loving Patriots. I must share w/ u that notions of “Synagoge of Satan”, “False Prophet”, and “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing” have kept coming up in my meditations in past 2 days.Also,by divine intervention,I’ve ended up coming across videos & materials.
2)I research tons of materials daily while also staying on top of everything that @POTUS & his administration communicate to the public daily. I stay away from MSM outlet’s “commentaries or reports” as I want to hear what comes out of the “horses’ mouths” and use my own
8) Also, why did Bill Barr refuse to address the @AE911Truth legal suit & requests w/ NY AG Office, sitting on his desk for years b4 becoming US DOJ AG in DC? Watch this:(Note:U can FF past the roll call of victims in the beginning)
12) Are we, Patriotic Americans, expected to believe that since 2017, Trump Administration has had no resources or abilities or options to investigate, indict, prosecute & execute justice on Bushes, Clinton’s, Gates & others? Yet, Congress had power to investigate our President?
7) How & why was he not able, willing or ready to preemptively STOP the PLANDEMIC when we all knew that Agenda21 was underway & Gates & Fauci had w/ 100% certainty claimed it was coming? Watch this: https://vimeo.com/416921409 
10) Watch this video and share your logical thoughts, knowledge, evidence, etc. so we can hopefully get to as much of the truth together as Free Un-Corrupted Thinkers as we should be. If Ukrainians know these crimes, why isn’t Trump Admin. investigating?
4) I laid out this background so hopefully, the points I’m going to present here r not simply dismissed by “pigeon-holing or labeling”. I’m a Trump Supporter because of the good he’s done for us. But, I’m sure I’m not alone w/ my questions & doubts about some of the MAJOR issues.
5) So, I want to hear your arguments w/ evidence that would be reasonable & convincing. So many of us have known about Satanic Illuminati Globalist Capitalist Deep State Cabal for many years if not decades. Trump is our HERO bc he’s ran against their Agenda! But, why & how ....
6) Knowing all that he has known about them, which is far more than what most of us do, was he not able, willing or ready to take them down for their #CrimesAgainstHumanity & #CrimesAgainstChildren & #Treason & so many other crimes since he cane to power elected in 2016-2017?
14)If Sidney Powell, @GenFlynn’s attorney,is able 2 stand up & publicly report about the heinous #CrimesAgainstChildren committed by HRC & #ClintonCrimeFamily based on discoveries on Anthony Weiner’s computer, why aren’t those in our justice system?
3)God-Given Intelligent Logical mind that’s NOT jaded and always looks for the TRUTH by asking questions when in DOUBT or UNCLEAR. My heart is pure, I’ve lived around the world, speak multiple languages & am familiar w/ most cultures & religions at an advanced level as a result.
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