the best lyrics from AGUST D2 – a mf long thread
Yeah uh, born a slave but now a king
Berserk tiger Gwanghae flow
Born in a ditch but rise up a dragon
That's the way I live – daechwita
My biggest enemy is the anger inside me
The more dreadful is the battle with the laziness inside me
Sometimes I resent God, asking why he made me live a life like this
What I’m doing, and if I love music at all – moonlight
One moment I feel like I’ve easily earned what I have
And the next moment I’m compensated for the fvcking hard works I’ve done
But I’m still hungry, would this be karma? – moonlight
People change, as I changed
There is nothing eternal in the world – people
Sometimes it hurts again
Sometimes I'm upset and shed tears
How about
What if you live like that – people
Shut up, yeah, you calling me a pup, yeah
I was born a tiger, I ain't no weak pill-popper like you – daechwita
Woo, who says time is money
My time is worth more than that
Tic tok, got a stick up your as*
I'm about to spit in your face – Daechwita
I'm so thankful I’m a genius
That’s your excuse for popping pills, cry me a river you just got no skills – Daechwita
still cannot wake up from his dream
In my head, the reality fights with the ideal tirelessly – moonlight
That moonlight that shines on me at dawn
It’s still the same as then
A lot changed in my life, but that moonlight is still the same – moonlight
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