Been incredibly sick this week. Worst I've ever been. Thankfully tested negative for Covid, but today's the first day I've felt like myself, where I've been able to focus.

So here's an #amwriting thread of some incredible writing I'm catching up on. (That I'll keep adding to!)
And! If there's anything I SHOULD be reading–yours or someone else's–please share! I know there's a lot I've missed and I'd appreciate it greatly!
“Friends ask why I collect them. I don’t. I bury them in the dark.”

“Keep Shame in a Box and Bury It Under the Others” by @katoscope ( @matchbooklitmag) 
“In class, she took notes. Love is a construct. Patriarchal, sentimental. They deconstructed everything. The things we do. Throughout history. Conquer, claim, pine for every figment.”

“Tami Bell at College” by @saralippmann ( @FrictionSeries)
“I bet I wouldn’t know them now if I passed them on the street. There are so many people like that now.”

“Today When I Asked You About a Couple We Knew in Canberra” by @kathyfish ( @on_squ) 
“Twenty years on and it hurts to talk anymore so weeks when he’s gone, she doesn’t.”

“Revelation 144” by @BettySueBlue & @whoismisterjim ( @miracle_monocle) 
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