As a white woman, I often struggle w how to say this in a sensitive and thoughtful way, but I watched the African American community beam w pride when Barack Obama was elected President of the United States, and even tho my heart beamed w pride too, there was something 1/
That was uniquely theirs in his election, and I watched that peripherally - I processed that, and celebrated it. I was so happy for them, because it matters, just like it will matter when the first woman is elected President. But, this is also why I felt as tho 2/
Birtherism was so injurious. Birtherism made my heart ache, for them, for all of us. It seems like it would leave a deep wound. How dare you LIE, knowingly LIE, with intent to delegitimize the first African American President, how dare you take away from this moment
So please forgive me if I don’t spare more than a moment over a gaffe when “he” spent 5 years, lying, knowingly, to divide, Undermine, while saying “you don’t belong” to the first AA POTUS.

#Birtherism #YouAintBlack
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