Is this an actual tweet from a Minister of the Crown? Unbelievable! So disrespectful for a Minister to make comments like this in public. School boards, divisions, teachers - are not your enemy and it is time to stop treating us this way. #abed 2/
2/ It is unconscionable that any Minister, especially an Education Minister, would display bully tactics in public and wear it like a badge of honour. This is not the citizenship we teach our children in school and not the behaviour we would have them emulate. #abed For what? 3/
3/ Any school division and school board in your “care” -despite the challenges they are having-deserve to be treated with respect. #stopbullying and start treating us with respect. @AdrianaLaGrange #ableg #abed 4/
4/ My apologies to the amazing educators, board members and administrators in my school district @stalbertpublic who do their best every day and whose work I put in jeopardy by posting this tweet. I can’t let this go unchallenged. I hope we are not punished by me speaking out. 5/
5/ I won’t stand by and allow anyone to treat educators this way. Especially not a minister of the crown and not now in the middle of a pandemic. Why does this government treat its COVID heroes with such disrespect? This government is a schoolyard bully. #shameful /end of thead
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