So first things first I got this idea from one of my followers. As y’all know tae is rough in bed and he’s more dominant than I am so I had to do this for the one time. Tae had bought a stripper pole a long time ago and I was like yk let me put this to use as well
I set up everything by putting a chair in the middle of the room and putting on his freaky playlist and I put in some purple lingerie. When he walked in I was in the bathroom. T: baby where you at? Me: I’m in the bathroom sit down on the chair and take yo shirt off!
When I came out I had the handcuffs behind my back and he was looking at me licking his lips and smiling. T: damn ma you look sexy asf what you finna do? Me: you’ll see. I went and sat on his lap and his hands instantly went up to my waist. Me: no baby no touching
He sighed and put his hands back to his sides and I got off of him and I handcuffed his hands behind the chair. T: bae wtf lemme go. Me: you want the dance or no? T: yea b-. Me: then shut up and sit there. He looked at me and raise his eyebrow up. I quickly walked
Over to the his phone and I turned on his playlist and I started walking around the pole. When the beat dropped is when I hoped up and started twirling
Tae looked at me and was biting his lips. T: bae just take me out of the cuffs. Me: no not yet. I sat on his lap and I started twerking and he kissed me and was sucking on my tongue. Omg! I almost gave in but I couldn’t. I got up and untied him and I brought him
To the bed pushed him down on the bed and we was kissing(vid) and then I pinned his hands above his head and I grabbed the handcuffs and handcuffed him to the bed. T: bae untie me so I can fuck you. Me: no papi you gotta wait ok?
I kissed down his chest occasionally giving him hickies until I got to his dick I was giving him hickies on his v- line and I started leaving lil kissed in his dick. Then I started giving him that full oh Glucky Gluck Nick Nack patty wack 3000(video) he was groaning and
Moaning the entire time. When he was about to bust I pullled off of him. T: GIRL WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU I WAS FINNA NUT ALL IN YO MOUTH! Me: not yet bubba. I waited for about 4 minutes and then I started sucking again. He started groaning again thinking he was gon nut
When he was finna nut again I stopped again. He was so mad his abs started clenching😩 and they were turning red. T: keep sucking that dick rn! Me: no I’m in control rn baby. He looked at me and growled cause he was pissed. I looked at him and I took the lingerie
Off and I climbed on his face. Tae loves eating pussy so I knew this was gon make him a lil happy. I was sitting on his face and when I felt him open his mouth to eat it I sat back up and he growled. T: put yo goddamn pussy on my lips rn. I did cause I wanted some head(vid)
(This is what it was like but I was sitting on his face instead) I was moaning loud and I came on his face 3x and his dick was literally standing up. While he was eating me out he was moaning into my pussy so I felt the vibrations of it. I got up and I went and got
The vibrator. I sat in front of him and I put the vibrator on my clit. I was moaning in front of his face and he was looking at me with his eyes wide but they was filled with lust and anger His dreads was everywhere and he was looking so sexyyy. I squirted on the bed and a
Lil bit on his chest and dick. I kept going until I got to sensitive to keep doing it. T: you need to fucking take these handcuffs off rn before I beat yo fucking ass! Me: no! I turned on the vibrator and I put it on his dick and he threw his head back and groaned
T: g-girl get t-that o-off of me! I took it off and I let him rest for a minute before I was getting up to sit on his dick. I slowly eased my way in his dick and when I got all the way down I instantly squirted on his stomach
He looked at it and I was riding him like (vid) but his hands was still tied down. He was groaning in my ear the whole time and when he was finna nut I hopped up. He slowly looked at me. T: are.. you.. fucking.. SERIOUS. He started tugging on the handcuffs
(I thought he couldn’t get out) and I was tryna limp my ass to the bathroom but before I even stepped foot it there this nigga grabs me.😱
The way he was looking at me let me know that I fucked up royally. T: yo ass really thought I was playing huh?! He picked me up threw me on the bed. The first thing I’m he did was put his dick inside me and stroked maybe 3x before he busted inside me groaning.
It was a lot of cum too bc well I overstimulated him. He looked at me and grabbed the vibrator and put in on my clit. Ofc I was moaning cause he was slipping it in and out of me. I squirted on him waist and he took it out and put me in doggy style. I didn’t wanna
Arch so he forced my back down and held it down. When he put it in he didnt waste no time going faster and I instantly tryna run. T: nah where you going bring that ass here! He pulled me back and slapped my ass to the point where I had his handprint on me.
He pulled out of me and he pulled me up and put me on the floor to where it was like my back was against the bed and he shoved his dick in my mouth. He was fucking my throat and he was groaning and looking at me. He nutted down my throat and he put me on the bed
T: I hope yk I ain’t done with yo ass just wait until tonight imma really fuck yo ass up. He slapped my ass again and I couldn’t even get in the shower I was numb but imma tell y’all what’s gon happen tonight tomma.
Mots:fuck whoever asked me to do this
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