#History Most of the references to the Indian History of Independence are not very detailed and factual. The close reading of elections in 1945 clarifies two things:
1- #Hindus largely voted along secular lines.
2- #Muslims largely voted along communal lines.
In the #Hindu majority areas, Congress, with its secular principles won 91.3% seats. Therefore, Hindu leaning Party Hindu Mahasabha largely backed out of the contest as Hindus dumped a pro-Hindu party for secular credentials of the Congress.
On the other hand, In the #Muslims dominated areas, Secular Congress was dumped and in-spite of secular credentials and program was called a Hindu party. For Muslims, a #Hindu dominating secular party was unacceptable. Muslim League got 81.6% votes in Muslim constituencies
In terms of seats won, #Congress won 57, Muslim League won 30, Akalis won 2, Independents won 5 and Europeans won 8 seats. Muslim League won all the Muslim seats. To think that Congress enjoyed support across religious communities is a fiction created post-independence
It is dishonest to blame the British for the partition. Cabinet Commission had opposed it, saying- listing the illogical nature of #Partition, weakening of India as a nation, they wrote- "We are unable to advise the British Govt ..that power be handed over to separate states"
The commission proposed a federated state, with center only holding Defense, Comm and Foreign Affair. A coalition government with Congress and League were part of finalizing the details. Plan was passed by Congress 205 to 51, on July, 6th. One Independent #India was in sight.
Nehru made a wayward statement that nothing in commission was binding and Congress may change anything to make the Center supreme. Experts say, even if this was to be done later, there was no need to make such public statement and scare Jinnah or give him reason to scare Muslims
RC Majumdar says- It was a moment in history when circumspection should have been the order of the day. Leonard Mosley wrote- Did #nehru realize what he was saying? That once in power, Congress will alter Cabinet Plan? League had already accepted the plan,
Mosley wondered if #Nehru proved to be a 'Politician who did not know when to keep his mouth shut'. Maulana Azad called it one unfortunate event which changes the course of History. Jinnah said that this statement meant that Minorities were at the mercy of majority.
After this came the Muslim League Council meeting on 29th of July, where Direct Action was opted for in order to create Pakistan.
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