alrighttttt listening to the full album now with translations :D
i started with moonlight and wow. however i’m like half way through what do you think and i had to pause to get my shit together. HE WENT OFF ON WHAT DO YOU THINK
okay i’ve gotten my thoughts recollected. his flow in moonlight is god tier
strange: namjoon was a nice touch to the song. the lyrics the production. everything amazing. it’s so hard to find words to truly define how i feel when it comes to yoongi and his work
i give up on this thread cause i feel like a broken record. i love everything yoongi does. throughout the whole album, the lyrics really hit. the production is god tier and very true to yoongi. i always love his production style. he likes high hat rolls hehe
he’s grown so much as an artist but still stays true to himself. everything just feels so raw and i love getting a glimpse into his mind like this. he truly is someone i will admire till the end of time.
side note: people made me cry lol
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