I won't be wrong, if say, that Yudhistira was able to uphold his Dharma, only because he had Bheema by his side. If you look at the sheer number of critical kills in the Mahabharat war, Bheema was probably the most deadly warrior in the war.
So, on the 12th day of the war, Duryodhana decides that enough is enough and sends an entire elephant army towards Bhima. Elephants were a piece of cake for the guy, whose kills include two Asuras

Bhima dispatches them so violently, that a lot of elephants panic and run away
Seeing this, Bhaghadatta, one of the Kaurava Maharathis decides to confront Bhima. Bhaghadatta, is no ordinary fighter. He was one of the oldest warriors, and had one very special skillset. He was the best elephant warrior

And his elephant, Supratika, was one magnificient beast
Supratika, was one of the eight elephants, that supposedly held up the world along with Airavata. In other words, She was extremely powerful.

So, when Bhaghadatta charged against Bhima, with Supratika, mayhem commenced.
Supratika first killed Bhima's Sarathi, his horses and destroyed his chariot.

Then it went after Bhima. Bhima tried to roll under Supratika to kill her. But she caught him with her trunk and was about to crush him under her feet. Somehow Bhima escaped this attack.
But Supratika didn't give up. She again caught Bhima and trampled over him. When Bhima disappered the second time, everyone thought Supratika killed Bhima. Some Elephant warriors from the Pandavas charged at Supratika, to save Bhima

But Supratika dispatched all of them
But Supratika didn't give up. She again caught Bhima and trampled over him.

The Great Bhima, destroyer of Duryodhana and his 99 brothers, slayer of Hidimba and Baka, was almost killed by a totally unexpected participant in the war.

An Elephant.
Many a times, in our life, we think we are invincible. We become proud and vain. We think nothing can harm us and we can defeat anyone

At these points in time, when a Supratika approaches us, we become condescending & disrespectful. We think our victory is a foregone conclusion
At least Bhima did. He was lucky he escaped with his life. We probably might not.

Never underestimate any problem or any adversary. Give them the required respect and merit. They might look harmless. But before you know it, they will trample upon you and destroy you.
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