I’ve said for 3 years yrs the Flynn phone call leak is being investigated by the DOJ.

I'm going to be proven right and here's why.

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The DOJ did NOT

1. Announce the beginning of that investigation in 2017

2. Did not announce which US Attorney is running it

3. They CERTAINLY did not and will never provide updates about an investigation they won't even acknowledge is underway.
Everybody is ASSUMING FBI Director Christopher Wray could hand over this transcript whenever he wants to.

Well what if there's a **legitimate reason** he hasn't been able do that?
Under what scenario would the DOJ and the Attorney General be ***forbidding*** Wray to declassify this transcript & publicly release it that doesn’t involve a massive cover-up by Trump appointees? 🤔
This may surprise and shock you....and a lot of the political pundits, reporters and commentators out there who've been relentlessly dragging Wray for months....

But I actually **CAN** present you with a legitimate reason Wray is not allowed to hand this over just yet.
I’m going to encourage everybody who knows how investigations with **serious national security issues** in play are handled at the Sessions and now the Barr Justice Departments THINK REALLY HARD about that question I just asked. .
Here's the question again:

Under what scenario would the DOJ and the Attorney General be ***forbidding*** Wray to declassify this transcript & publicly release it that doesn’t involve a massive cover-up by Trump appointees?

Bake your noodle with it.
Here's the scenario:

IF the Flynn phone call leaked to Ignatius is the subject of a criminal disclosure of classified information investigation at the DOJ, that means that transcript is material evidence in an ongoing criminal case.
Because it would be material evidence in an ongoing criminal leak case, that means Wray couldn't declassify the transcript and give it to you, me, Jim Jordan or Tom Fitton **even if he wanted to do that**.

The **laws** concerning handling of classified information prevents him.
Remember when people had fantasies about Trump doing the SpyGate declassification all at once, like he'd call some freaking press conference and gleefully point to a bunch of binders stacked on a table and say "There it is, publicize it media!"

That's not what's happening.
Trump **delegated** declassification authority to Attorney General William Barr.


Think about what that means.
So people are confused about WHO'S doing the SpyGate declassification & they're confused about HOW it would be done.

It's not happening all at once. They are rolling it out S-L-O-W-L-Y. One key piece of documentary evidence at a time.

When the time is right.
When BARR was good and ready, and he got the go ahead from Durham that releasing it now wouldn't compromise any of the ongoing SpyGate investigations, he sent USA EDMO Jensen into the DC US Attorney's office to find the documents they **knew** he was going to find there.
Then after Jensen gave the documents to Barr, Barr **declassified them** and approved their being handed over by Jensen to Flynn defense attorney @SidneyPowell1.

This was followed by @RichardGrenell declassifying the unmasking list.
You are watching the drip-drip-drip declassification going on right before your eyes to prepare for the rolling out of the IDENTITY OF THE FLYNN PHONE CALL LEAKER and the fact this person has been the subject of a criminal leak investigation that has run for years.
When the indictment of this Flynn call leaker is unsealed and we learn who it is, we'll also be learning other key information.

We'll learn WHICH US Attorney in which state has been running this leak investigation and we'll learn from the DATES when this investigation started.
The story that indictment is going to tell will actually **embarrass** a lot of media people in the Conservative media, but that's going to be their own fault.

And I'm going to be very vocal about demanding apologies.

Not for myself but for the people relentlessly slandered.
ADDENDUM: I have just decided that the title of my new column book will be:

Waiting To Be Right

You heard it here first! :D
ADDENDUM II: How many of you figured out yet what Wray’s announcement really means? Why JENSEN is repeatedly mentioned in it?
Put your thinking cap on.

Remember the recent history.

What did Barr recently use Jensen to do?
Barr QUIETLY appointed Jensen to be a Special Prosecutor and...what happened next, anybody remember?

Anybody at all?
What was Jensen DOING from January to early this month?

What TASK was he assigned and where did he have to go to fulfill that assignment?

Did he accomplish that task? Was he successful or was it just for show?
All you people saying Wray’s announcement yesterday means nothing are wrong.

And now I’ll explain why.

Trump, Barr, Grenell (now Ratcliffe) and Jensen are not playing here.

It’s not a just an act being put on to make it look like something is happening.

It’s 100% real.
Jensen went into the DC USA’s office knowing what he was looking for, he found it, told Barr he was successful, that he’d found the documents.

Barr then declassified them & had Jensen give them to Sidney Powell under seal.

Those docs were then unsealed. All hell broke loose.
You FORGOT how this happened already?

If so, He’ll yes you’re going to be telling yourself Barr sending Jensen into the FBI’s 7th floor is just for show.

Nothing will happen.

Jensen will fail.

Well you’re wrong and I’m right.

Once again, Jensen will SUCCEED.
Jensen is being sent into the FBI’s 7th floor for one purpose:

Bring out the evidence of who the Flynn phone call leaker is.

That’s where this is inevitably headed next.
Wray was appointed by Trump. Wray still has this job because Trump hasn’t fired him yet.

You keep listening to narratives told by surface skaters who at best think Trump is a timid guy who’s not all that bright.

Every agency is now knee deep in Trump appointees at the top.
So you are basically being told narratives about massive blatant cover ups being run out of the DOJ & the FBI by top people Trump appointed himself that he won’t or can’t fire.

The great thing about this is I’m right and they are wrong.

Trump actually ISN’T clueless or timid.
Because there is an alternative to the stupid narrative of “Massive blatant cover ups by people Trump vetted and hand picked himself and that he stubbornly refuses to fire”.

I’ve been telling you what that alternative is for 3 years.
The guy who just blew open the framing of Flynn & found the **documentary evidence** establishing the guilt of both the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane team & the Mueller Special Council is now going into the FBI’s HQ.
Barr is using Jensen to roll out the declassification of documentary evidence that’s going to prove SpyGate is 100% real. And they’re just starting with exposing how Flynn was framed and who made the criminal leak to put a target on the General’s back.
They’ve known who leaked the Flynn phone calls for more than three years.

Now because Durham is almost finished, it’s time to roll out the evidence they already KNOW Jensen will find on that 7th floor at the FBI HQ.

Just like they already knew what he’d find at DC USA’s.
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