,.1⭐️🌱 @POTUS FAkeMSM will not stop...EVER,..talkd w a lib neighbor..still believes all their lies-says HCQ doesn’t cure ppl-of the virus n what U say is not truth....arrggg-believes it causes heart probs n it’s only 4 malaria,..won’t listen 2 anything other than what FAKENEWS
,..2🌱‼️🌱 ,.says..they r waitin 4 a shot-cure,..[death] from the DS🤬👹even though a cure could take yrs,..I ask,..then we stay shut down till there is a cure??,..well we have 2 protect ppl,..I say there is a cure,..NO there isn’t,.can only give them Oxygen,.2 help them breath,.
,..3🌱⭐️this is murder by FAKENEWS n DS,... we awake see this,.their brainwashin needs 2 b unplugged‼️👹‼️PPL R WILLIN 2 die due 2 due to FAKENEWS lies,..AND THEY R,..this is insanity‼️she wears a mask @ wrk,.all day,..NOT healthy,.her hubby is scared,.cuz he thinks he will die
,..4🌱⭐️ if he gets this,..I said hear and sunshine kills the virus,..this was acknowledged,..I said it’s HOT outside n there is a ton of sunshine—well,..we don’t know who still has the virus,.🙄sum are carriers,.🙄OMAgaaaa there is NO common sense,..they will only believe what
,..5🌱⭐️ FAKENEWS WILL SAY,..some1 needs 2 pull their damnnnnnn plug,,.n not allow them 2 continue 2 MURDER r family n friends,..what would b worse???Sheeple not getting FAKENEWS n hav sum withdrawals 4 a while or jst continue 2 sit n watch as more PPL die n continue 2 stay in

this perpetual twilight zone lockdown—where only big business gets to stay open n make bank$$$,..this is crazy n insanity—they will giv up all 2 stay in this so called made up safety zone-that has been implanted in2 their brains-We are told YOU have to show them,..
..7⭐️🌱 show them what❓show them how❓it’s been over 3 yrs of showin them,..n from the ones I know n love,,.they still don’t see,the truth..I am told 4-6% won’t WAKEUP,..that seems odd from my viewpoint,..it may b more,..like 2/3rds,,,I am saying this from jst my own family,..
End of rant
is anyone else seeing this within your circle of family and friends-before this awakening???what is your percentage?
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