Von Burgsdorff's letter allowing funding for terror-linked groups contradicts a December 2019 EU anti-terror-clause specifically designed to cut off from EU taxpayer money those NGOs that are affiliated with terror groups or have terrorists on staff. 2/8
On 23 Aug. 2019, a PFLP cell murdered 17 year-old Rina Schnerb, severely injuring her father and brother in the bombing. Two suspects arrested by Israel worked in high-ranking positions in EU-funded NGOs, incl. senior PFLP member Samer Arbid as accountant. 3/8
Israel suspects Walid Hanatsheh, financial director at EU-funded „Health Work Committees,“ commanded the PFLP terror cell to firebomb the Schnerb family.
Since Hanatsheh isn't listed by name on the EU terror list, his organization is still eligible for EU funds 4/8
Von Burgsdorff said "a natural person affiliated to, sympathizing with, or supporting any of the groups or entities mentioned in the EU restrictive lists is not excluded from benefiting from EU-funded activities," unless the exact name is on that EU restrictive list. 5/8
Newly revealed meeting minutes posted by Palestinian NGOs show that three other EU officials gave assurances to Palestinian NGOs that being linked to EU-designated terror groups wouldn’t disqualify them from receiving EU funds. 6/8
This week, Commissioner @OliverVarhelyi announced in @EP_ForeignAff an investigation in the matter:
“I asked both the heads of delegations in Tel Aviv but also in the West Bank and Gaza Strip to look into the matter, they will have to look deep.” 7/8
Our Director @DSchwammenthal added: "These NGOs must immediately pay back the funds and be blacklisted. The EU's safeguards didn't work and thus must be improved to avoid future connection with terrorism." 8/8

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