How does Trump close the gap with Biden w/ Fox News poll: (Trump/Biden)

Hispanic: 28/59 - ok, but should be more like 35/60
Black: 12/76 - that's good
Indies: 27/40 - terrible... needs to be 45/40
Whites no college: 53/35 - REALLY BAD... needs to by 60/25
Whites w/ college: 43/47... Trump needs to switch the numbers, basically up by 4 pts. So close.
White men no college: 58/32... Trump needs to be in the high 60's
Rural Whites: 59/29... close, Trump needs to pump this number up by 5-10 pts
Basically this poll shows Trump lost a portion of his base and moderate voters and gained with non-white men... those losses are too large to make up with those gains
and lastly... nothing is written in stone. This doesn't mean Trump's isn't going to win or visa versa.... campaign infrastructure means a lot, so does voter registration efforts, etc... and a lot could happen from now till election day. Imagine if RBG passes, so relax everyone
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