@EalingCouncil @EalingCustSer do you know when you will be reopening your housing hubs? Was escalating an issue with our neighbours with a complaints officer to level 2 before lockdown and have been left in poor conditions due to the understandable shutdown of your services.
Anyone there? I even @ in @EalingCustSer to help get noticed! Any advice on the question above much appreciated.
As we've just had to have an emergency on call plumber out due to the actions of my neighbours again would really appreciate an answer or an estimate as to when someone will be able to get back on to this. Thanks in advance.
@EalingCouncil @EalingCustSer as job couldn't be finished at the time the emergency plumber asked neighbour to phone the job back in so he could come back out today and finish. He hasn't (never does)- really could use a date for housing reopening so I can move our complaint on.
@EalingCustSer @EalingCouncil today is neither weekend or Bank Holiday so would really appreciate an answer to the above question in this thread about the housing hub & staff, you can clearly see above how inaction has evolved the issue further. I need to be able to report ASAP.
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