Why are Online Courses important?

1. Improves your self discipline.

Completing some courses online requires self discipline. No teacher to tell you when an assignment is due. It's all on you.

So properly learning and finishing an online course unlocks a new focus level.
2. Learning opportunities from world class institutions.

Many can't afford to attend certain universities. Or have the funds to see what it is like to study at a place like Google.

Guess what? You can get knowledge & training right from your home. Harvard online is an example.
3. Improves your technical skills.

Some of the most basic online courses requires the development of new computer skills.

Asides from learning technical skills from a tech course, students might learn how to create and share documents. Basic, but new to most.
4. One can fit learning into one's day.

Not everyone has the luxury of having a tailored traditional learning schedule. Some have to work while trying to sharpen their knowledge & skills through online courses.

Guess what provides them with that opportunity? Online learning.
5. Some are free & many are cheap.

Before now, if you wanted to access learning materials, you'd have to pay huge or simply go back to school.

Online learning has changed that.

Udemy, Coursera, Alison etc. have changed the game totally. Anything can be learnt for free.
6. Opportunity to navigate a career change:

I personally know people who have switched career into tech from simply learning everything online.

For instance, people have become programmers, content creators, web designers etc. simply by learning online.
Online courses and online learning in general provide opportunities in ways we can not describe.

If you see someone celebrating an online feat, do not trivialize their effort. They are probably excited to have learnt from a place like Harvard Online / Google.
No knowledge is lost. However, it is also important to practice what one has learnt through projects and practice. but then, online learning comes first for many.

So, please do not trivialize others online learning opportunity if you have passed that stage.
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