Want to know how the Georgia special Senate election works?

✔️Johnny Isakson retired for heath reasons 2019
✔️2020, Gov Kemp appointed Kelly Loeffler to fill the Senate seat until the Nov special
✔️the Nov winner must run again in 2022 at the end of Isakson’s term
More Georgia Senate special election information:

✔️all candidates proceed to the Nov special election
✔️no primary held
✔️if no candidate receives a majority of the vote
✔️the top 2 vote getters, no matter party, advance to a run-off on 1/5/2021

Democrat Georgia special Senate candidates:
🔹Raphael Warnock
🔹Matt Lieberman
🔹Deborah Jackson
🔹Tamara Johnson-Shealey
🔹Joy Slade
🔹Ed Tarver
🔹Richard Winfield
🔹Jamesia James

Republican Georgia special Senate candidates:
🔻Kelly Loeffler (I)
🔻Doug Collins
🔻Derrick Grayson
🔻Annette Jackson
🔻A.Wayne Johnson
🔻Kandess Taylor

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