But we’ve also seen heartbreaking, horrific attacks on hospitals, funerals, mosques, and civilians across #Afghanistan & both the #ANDSF and the #Taliban are back on the offensive across the country. #AFGPanel 2/n https://time.com/5838762/afghan-maternity-ward-attack-women/
. @US4AfghanPeace is back in the region to try and convince #Afghanistan’s govt & the #Taliban to ratchet down the violence and to engage in intra-Afghan talks. #AFGPanel 3/n https://twitter.com/US4AfghanPeace/status/1263198763876790272?s=20
Anger over these developments & a growing sense of disappointment w/the US-driven peace process has been emanating from Kabul via social media & other channels. #AFGPanel 4/n
And worries over the spread and long-term impacts of #COVID19 continue to swirl within & around #Afghanistan. #AFGPanel 5/n
Today, I have the honor of hosting a discussion on #Afghanistan w/two wonderful panelists. We’ll discuss current events in the country and its history as a lens for understanding these events, along w/answering your questions. #AFGPanel 6/n
Our panelists, in order of tweeting appearance, are: @mariamamini, Afghan-American journalist & historian and creator of the fascinating @AfghanHistorian account (which you should all follow!) #AFGPanel 7/n
Before I turn it over to the panelists, here’s how we’ll be doing the discussion: each panelist will begin with an opening tweet thread—I’ll link to those in this thread. After their opening remarks, I’ll moderate a Q&A. #AFGPanel 9/n
PLEASE DM ME YOUR QUESTIONS so I can pose them to the panel in an ordered way. If you reply directly in this or the panelists’ threads, we may not respond. Also, please be civil & respectful in your Qs/comments. #AFGPanel 10/n
With that, I’ll ask @mariamamini to kick off the discussion with her opening thread! #AFGPanel 11/n
Here are @mariamamini’s opening remarks. #AFGPanel 12/n https://twitter.com/mariamamini/status/1263819441290334208
Many thanks for those insights @mariamamini! I’d like to next ask @smithkabul to provide his opening thread. #AFGPanel 13/n
Here are @smithkabul’s opening remarks. #AFGPanel 14/n https://twitter.com/smithkabul/status/1263822846884810755
Many thanks to @smithkabul for those thoughts & concur on the need to listen--one of the major reasons I started this Twitter panel in the first place! #AFGPanel 15/n
I’d now like to open the Q&A portion of our discussion. We have a lot of great Qs that have come via DM over the past few days! I’ll post the Qs & link to the As in this thread. #AFGPanel 16/n
1st Q is for @smithkabul: You said you believe in peace negotiations as the best way ahead. What do you see as the biggest necessary compromises on the part of #Afghanistan’s govt & the #Taliban IOT get to a lasting peace agreement? #AFGPanel
2nd Q is for @mariamamini: History shows that #Afghanistan has often been in the midst of great power competition. What dynamics are you looking for in the peace process that may indicate how regional powers are thinking about their role in AFG going forward? #AFGPanel 18/n
3rd Q is for @smithkabul: What do you think is the risk of disintegration of #Afghanistan into two parts on the basis of ethnic divide? Also how do you see the neighboring central Asian countries and Iran's role in future Afghanistan? #AFGPanel 19/n
4th Q is for @mariamamini: There has been talk of modifying #Afghanistan’s constitution as a result of peace talks (e.g., to distribute power below the national level). What does the country’s history suggest of that idea? #AFGPanel 20/n
5th Q is for @smithkabul: Where does the Haqqani Network fit into the peace process? Are they generally opposed to a political settlement? What is the extent of their nexus with #ISIS-K? #AFGPanel 21/n
Last Q is for @mariamamini: What was the impetus for the @AfghanHistorian account? For those unfamiliar with or wishing to learn more about the country’s history, which guest authors would you most point them to? #AFGPanel 22/n
I can’t believe how fast that time went! This was a fascinating discussion & I *really* appreciate your attention & the time of our amazing panelists. Please join me in thanking them for their thoughts! #AFGPanel 23/n
And my sincere apologies if we didn’t get to your Q—there was a long queue, which again reflects the excellence of our panel’s works and experience. #AFGPanel 24/n
With that, I’ll close the panel. Please take care of yourselves/others & stay healthy! #AFGPanel 25/25
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