THE COLD, HARD TRUTH: #Biden and #MeToo

1) #JoeBiden is on camera repeatedly groping, sniffing, & feeling girls without consent, to their visible discomfort.

2) Multiple women have accused Biden of inappropriate contact.

3) These actions disqualify him from the presidency.
6) The ONLY ethical stance when a powerful man engages in forced touching of women and girls is to vehemently and vocally reject their behavior. And to hold them accountable.

7) Applying #MeToo principles selectively is a moral failure that is profoundly chilling to survivors.
8) The ethical considerations must come first, but even from a purely political perspective, abandoning core values to "win" is a very risky strategy.

9) Any Democrat who ran in 2020 should be able to trounce Trump. The GOP can be defeated without ditching essential principles.
10) The primary is not officially over. Any of the candidates can reboot their campaigns and replace Biden fairly if he does the right thing and withdraws.


This thread has NOTHING to do with #TaraReade. I made the same case last year:
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