Parents with young uns struggling with home learning. Please remember that this is home learning and not a home school. Go with their interests. Look at what has been set and prioritise based on what they want to do at any given time. Let them play. Remember you are not a teacher
You have a different relationship to them than we do. You are not home schooling but facilitating home learning. If the work doesn't get what. Dont risk your mental wellbeing or your children's for the sake of maths, English, or whatever. We will get them back on track.
That is our job. This is a bloody tricky time for everyone's mental health at the moment. Put yourself 10 years into the future and think about what your kids will reply when you ask them about their memories of lockdown. Will it send a shiver down their spine? If so, change it-
The mental health implications of this crisis will be severe. Take it easy with them. Our job as educators is to go with their interests and mould it to their individual needs based on evidence, psychology, and pedagogy. If it gets done...great.
I would rather have my classes come back with gaps in their learning which I am trained to close than mental health struggles which I am not. Please feel free to message me if you would like advice re home learning.
Home learning could be helping you write a shopping list, budget, cut the grass, cook etc. :-)
Let me know if you would like advice and if i dont know...I will try to find a colleague (secondary or primary) who does.
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