More mango update: major drama because other houses have informed that a LOT of mangoes have fallen on top of our slanted tin roof. Mango heist gang wants to climb up there and collect but ma won't allow since its dangerous as it is and now even more so because its likely
been damaged in the storm. Since mango heist gang has already collected kilos of mangoes from the five mango trees (three of which are no more) this demand to climb on top of roof is being seen as egregious by some; others think that climbing up on a unstable slanting roof
is not too big a risk is it means some mangoes get rescued. A neighborhood stands divided. A lot of disgruntled eyes turned to our roofing.
I am outwardly team safety over mangoes but covertly team save the mangoes save the world.
But even if this is some welcome amusing distraction the conversation keeps going back to how the mango and other crops have now been completely ruined.
Somebody said "are itne aam ka hum kya achar dalenge" to which promptly came the reply, "haan"
OK full discloser both the "somebody" and the replier in that last tweet was me.
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