Ways I connect to @sidharth_shukla
Ways he took my heart
Feel proud to stan a king🥺

Plz shower only love cos this is what he deserve❤️
This thread🥺Words will be less for him,may be adding more to it in future

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Gyanis stay away🙏
He has strong core of principles and values which make him unperturbed even in the strongest storm.

His intelligence is visible in every action he do.He know how to make his way through the chaos.

He is clear in his thoughts and utter his words after doing all analysis. Thats why he is always confident of what he says and stand by his words till the end.

He is clear as real. He is truthful to himself and to everyone. He cant tolerate lies and fakeness and thats why his disapointment comes out time to time whenever he encounter fakeness and lies.

He is straight forward. He cant pretend to be something he is not.
He cant fake it just to present himself good to you.

He is a refined personality. He has some morals in life that he lives by. These morals helps him always to differentiate between wrong and right. Which also gives him utter confidence in doing things his own way

When he is happy he makes everyone around happy. And radiates her happiness in environment that it too become cheerful.

He seems strong hulk man from outside but he is too emotional person inside.

He fight to win not to defeat someone.

He is true feminist.
U dont need to talk feminism,it is visible in ur actions
He believes in women being as powerful as men and thus never give up any task because opp team was women
He loved Sana being strong woman and always let her fight her battle herself

He is true survivor.
All the stones were thrown at him,but he kept standing like an unshakable tree.
Rising from the marsh, he made it to the skies.

When he talked bout meditation many said we cant relate to him. But I totally did.
Strong sense of perception one evolve thru selfconciousness was visible in him.The spotenienty, logics,intelligence,patience.These traits comes thru experience nd self realization

He has a unprejudiced mentallity. He judge a person for what they are but for who they are by heart.
Everyone judged Sana fo who she is.
But he never did. For him a persons heart is more important thus he dont judge person on parameters of so called modernity.

He is so protective to his loved ones. He cant see them even slightly being hurt by someone.

When everyone was throwing dirt on Sana. He hold her hand,show her light through the tunnel. Gave her confidence to fight her battle.
And always stand by her as an unseen shield.

Selfless love he has for Sana. He cared for her as part of his own.

He has gone through a lot in life.
He always craved for that selfless care,that unconditional love that Sana gave her.
So he want that love for him and him only and thus his overpossessive was often seen for Sana.

He is reserved person and dont let anyone come close to him.
He keep a wall around himself so that no one can see his pain.
But the selfless love he got from Sana, he let her conquer himself and always let his love win in the battle of heart and mind.

He was too scared to lose his love.His insecurities to lose his love often came out as anger but people couldn't see that pain ,that fear of losing his love behind that anger and misunderstood him
He was hurting himself
He was fighting a battle with his own fear
He dont say it.
His actions speak louder than his words.

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