Welcome to the LIVE thread of #CoronaCyclips Day 2. Our boys @Ddibyayudh and @sruthinlal are currently cycling their way from Palwal to Mathura. #lockdownindia
We've entered Uttar Pradesh ✅

Haryana was an interesting sub-chapter but the main focus of this journey will be on UP and the migrant crisis. #CoronaCyclips #lockdownindia
From the UP-Haryana border

#lockdownindia #CoronaCyclips
We faced a few issues with one of our bikes on the way to Mathura and guess who helped us out?

Just another example of who the real workforce of the country is!

Meet the cycle fixer-saviours!

#CoronaCyclips #lockdownindia
"We are ready to survive somehow even by begging for food. But who will take care of our family?"

The concern for their loved ones is why a lot of people are braving the heat and walking back home. #CoronaCyclips #lockdownindia
#LISTEN: Team #CoronaCyclips ( @sruthinlal and @Ddibyayudh) with their observations while crossing the Haryana-UP border.

#LockdownPuzzles #coronavirusupdates
. @sruthinlal and @Ddibyayudh speak about an interesting incident during their trip to Mathura. The back tyre had stopped working due to a gear issue but a few migrants on their way back home stopped to help our boys out. #CoronaCyclips #Lockdowndiaries
The team has reached Kosi Kalan - last stop before Mathura.

Both @sruthinlal and @Ddibyayudh are currently taking in some well-deserved calories after a gruelling day of cycling. But both have only one question - if this a struggle, imagine the condition of the migrants.
LIVE from Kosi Kalan https://twitter.com/AsiavilleNews/status/1263802246736703488
More from Kosi Kalan where a few good samaritans tell us about the suffering they've witnessed during this #lockdown.

(Trigger Warning) More horrific tales from Kosi Kalan where people tell us about infants dying and legs getting severely burnt due to the heat. #lockdownindia #coronavirusupdate #Coronacyclips
"Don't try this at home"

#Listen to @sruthinlal and @Ddibyayudh talking about the severe heat they've had to overcome in their journey through heartland India. #CoronaCyclips
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