Thinking about... 9 year old Donghyuck travelling to Chicago to meet his Dad, Johnny, for the first time. Johnny and Jaehyun aren't together anymore, even before Hyuck was born but Hyuck makes a way to make his parents get back together again.
Hyuck doesn't know that his parents didn't end their relationship on good terms and it's so awkward when Hyuck tries to make Johnny say hi to Jaehyun when they facetime and johnjae are forced to act like theyre on good terms lmao
Hyuck: Daddy, Renjun's parents both visit China and Thailand but why don't you visit me and Appa in Korea? And why isn't Appa visit here with us?

Johnny: Uh... Daddy works here in Chicago and Appa works in Korea. I hope you understand that, Hyuckie.
Hyuck is the best and worst parts of Johnjae combined and Johnny can't help but remember Jaehyun in the way Hyuck acts. Especially when he purses his lips, or how he smiles, and how he eats so heartily. He relives moments of Jaehyun in Hyuck and Johnny realizes he misses him.
Even the way Hyuck screams at Johnny when he doesnt get his way, or when he pouts and gives Johnny the cold shoulder is so Jaehyun. And how Jaehyun reprimands him, Hyuck does it too. And Johnny can't help but think about what Hyuck took after him and if Jaehyun sees it.
Truth be told, Johnny is happy he finally got to meet his son. Initially, when Jaehyun returned to Seoul, he hid his pregnancy from Johnny. It broke his heart that he only found out after Hyuck was born. Did Jaehyun hate him that much to hide it from him? For years, he only
ever got updates about Hyuck from their friends and Jaehyun's parents. Johnny never once used their failing marriage as a weapon to get to see his son. He didn't want Jaehyun to hate him more than he did.
He was even surprised to know that Hyuck actually /knows/ him as his Dad bc Jaehyun was so adamant on keeping Hyuck away from him. And it hurt bc all Johnny wanted was a family. And Jaehyun knew that. Johnny couldn't wrap his mind around the fact that Jaehyun did that
to really /hurt/ him.

But at this point, he's over it. Jaehyun can date who he wants, can do whatever he wants and Johnny can to.

But they're still legally tied. They're still married.
Although it's almost been more than 9 years since they parted ways, Jaehyun has never left Johnny's mind. He finds himself thinking about Jaehyun, especially their son when he feels lonely. Even in the arms of others, Johnny can't help but think what if he and Jae worked it out?
It's wishful thinking. It's been years, even Johnny is tired. His heart is tired... the dull ache in chest at the thought of Jaehyun never went and it starts to hurt again when he met Hyuck and saw how much he acted and looked like Jaehyun and him. It was how he always imagined.
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