More vindication columns are coming.
And I plan a second series called Year of Exposure.

Schiff, Mifsud, Halper, Downer, Pientka and when they reveal who she was, Azra Turk, will be some of the people in it. Oh also Obama and Biden.

OK, let's break it down.

Here's what's currently up on Nunes' Wiki page.

The editors there are **claiming** Nunes was shown the Flynn/Kislyak phone call intercepts, & Nunes **lied** when he said the unmasked intercepts he was shown had nothing to do with Russia.
This is beyond stupid.

Wikipedia editors are apparently blithering idiots.

Nunes is freaking out in LATE MARCH 2017 over being shown unmasked intercepts between Flynn & Kislyak, you say?

Only one problem with this stupid theory:
But the narrative Wikipedia's paint-chip-eating editors want to go with is that TWO MONTHS LATER, clueless Devin Nunes, who's only the chairman of the House Select Panel on Intelligence, is shown transcripts of the Flynn/Kislyak calls & FREAKS OUT & calls a quick presser.
In this March 2017 press conference, Nunes tells the media that

1) MULTIPLE Trump transition team members had their communications unmasked. Flynn is just 1 person.

2) In none of the intercepts were the Trump people discussing Russia or intelligence matters.
To get around what Nunes actually said, The Left has to **pretend** he's freaking out and calling a press conference in March about the same Flynn/Kislyak calls everybody already knew about from late January.

This is an attempt to shoehorn the actual history to fit a narrative.
As you read the Nunes page at @Wikipedia, note they don't have anything there on the recent developments from the past year.

Nothing about the Mueller Final Report revealing there never was any Trump/Russia collusion evidence.

Nothing about the FISA Abuse report.
The last entry in the "Role In The Trump-Russia Investigation" section is from August 2018, almost 2 years ago.

What's the matter, @Wikipedia? Recent developments in the Trump-Russia investigation not to your liking? You just don't FEEL like covering them?
Mueller blew up the Trump/Russia Hoax by revealing there never was any evidence for it.

Horowitz then took the wreckage and BLEW IT UP AGAIN by demonstrating there never was any evidence @carterwpage was a Russian agent; they only got the warrant by tricking the FISA Court.
And now US Attorney John Durham is going to take these even smaller pieces of wreckage still left from the Trump/Russia Hoax and he's going to BLOW THEM INTO ATOM-SIZED PIECES when he unseals indictments of former federal officials for a massive RICO conspiracy.
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