Not cool, Sheldon. Judge Rao is a gifted, hard-working legal scholar and jurist. I know you disagree with her here—and I strongly disagree with you on that point—but is it ever appropriate to call a sitting jurist “a cartoon of a fake judge”? I can’t think of a good reason. Ever.
Sheldon, exactly what about Judge Rao’s ruling did you find so offensive?
In any event, when you refer to her as “a cartoon of a fake judge,” isn’t that a double negative?
@SenWhitehouse, I disagree with federal judges all the time. I even express my disagreement. But what good comes from this kind of an ad hominem attack on an individual jurist, using words like “cartoon” and “fake”?
@SenWhitehouse, assuming you didn’t intend your double-negative comment as a compliment, what is it about Judge Rao’s jurisprudence that you think warrants this kind of attack?
@SenWhitehouse, the federal judiciary certainly has its flaws, as do individual jurists. What good comes from singling out one for personal attack, calling her names like “cartoon” and “fake”?
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