It is grimly funny that Elizabeth Warren betrayed every single ideal she claimed to have in order to be Joe Biden's vice president and ended up losing to Amy Klobuchar, a woman most famous for physically attacking her employees and eating salad with a comb
i don't find joy in seeing a trailblazer who inspired so many women lose like this. i especially don't find joy in seeing a trailblazer who inspired so many pretend women of color lose like this
my daughter, like elizabeth warren, is a fake woman of color. if she existed, which she doesn't, i'd take her to all sorts of museums that don't exist to learn about other great fake women of color, to learn the histories that they never got to write, on account of being pretend
I remember, when I wasn't tucking in my imaginary daughter the other night, she neither looked up at me nor asked, "Mommy, how come we look so different?" And I didn't have to explain, "Well, dear, you weren't adopted, but if you existed, you would have been."
Excuse me. I have to go help my imaginary daughter put together her Rachel Dolezal costume for the Great Fake Women of Color pageant at her fake elementary school (the school exists, but it's largely run as a byzantine tax scam so they let in fictitious students like my daughter)
Were the Byzantines known for tax evasion?
Okay, which one of you jokesters got this thread in front of rape apologists twitter
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