1. Why would Trump repeatedly mention 1917 when the Spanish Flu Pandemic is commonly connected to 1918?


There are many layers to Trump's 1917 message & in this thread (which #SerialBrain2 confirmed) I will show you. You decide. #WWG1WGA
2. When Trump repeats a ‘mistake’, this is our cue there’s a message. Since Trump has repeated 1917 instead of 1918 over 27 times, he’s going to extreme lengths to communicate the significance to us AND to [THEM]. Every time he says 1917, he inflicts pain & panic [for them].
3. To decode 1917 we must analyze 19 & 17. The Deep State loves # 19. That's why [they] named [their] bioweapon CV 19. C=3, V=22. 322 is Skull & Bones, 19=S (think Nazi SS). Knowing this, why did [they] start impeachment efforts via WaPo exactly 19 minutes after Trump sworn in?
4. To ensure this 19/Nazi interpretation isn't just a coincidence, what does Q have to say?

Was 'Nazism' ever truly destroyed?
Was it merely a sub-division within a larger organization?
One finger attached to a hand?
Did ANTIFA organically form?
Flag design coincidence?
5. Do you see why memes like this are NOT satire but REALITY of who [THEY] are? Nazi scientists, eugenicists, & other bio/weapons scientists were covertly relocated from Germany into UK, US, Argentina, Antarctica, etc. Q142 “The truth would put 99% of people in the hospital.”
6. A stretch? Soros admits he sold out Jews to the Nazi’s as a child. Bill Gates modernized the Nazi’s eugenics & de-population endeavors via vaccines. Obama awarded sociopath Gates the medal of honor. Obama sent 3.7 million via NIH/Fauci to fund Wuhan bio-weapons lab? 4th Reich?
7. If [they] are the modern ‘Nazism’, aka The Cabal, aka The Deep State, aka Cult 93, aka Illuminati, then who are WE? Q2528 Power belongs to the people. All you needed was a spark to UNITE TOGETHER. They are scared. TOGETHER WE WIN. Where We Go One > We Go ALL!!! #WeAreQ
8. LAYER 1: When Trump says 1917 instead of 1918, he is illustrating the dynamic of The Silent War between 19 & 17, between S & Q, between good & evil, between [TRAITORS] & Patriots! Continue reading & see why every time Trump says ‘1917’ he’s instilling fear & panic in [them].
9. If Trump had ‘correctly’ said 1918 instead of 1917, we never would have noticed there was a coded message, nor be equipped to solve it. To identify the message, we need to apply the 19(S) vs 17(Q) evaluation method to 1918. This results in 19=S & 18=R. SR. SETH RICH.
10. Q has told us—
Q1195: “SR connect to DNC. MS_13. JA. June ETA.”
Q1199: “Answer Q re: SR. SR June JA.”
Q1591: “JA in the news? Think JC. Server unlocks SR.”
Q1462 “The ‘server’ brings down the house.”

But how does Seth Rich and Julian Assange connect to 1917?
11. LAYER 2: [They] were trying to ‘legally’ inject us all by using fear via [their] pan[dem]ic so we’d consent to [their] vaccine designed to weaken & control us. [They] failed & Trump is using 1917 to ‘legally’ inject the truth of [their] crimes into the renewed justice system.
12. ADDITIONAL LAYERS: There are more layers to Trump’s 1917 message. To solve, #SerialBrain2 provided this hint: “1917 solves with 1916 & 1918 which generates 2 paths.” How does SB2 know?
13. To solve Path 2 (1916/SP=>PS=Peter Strzok), #SB2 provided this hint: 19+18=37=KATE. To understand how KATE connects to Peter Strzok, SB2 suggests re-reading SB2 Decode #73 about Strzok’s Congressional testimony where he sipped a carefully placed KATE Coca Cola.
14. In SB2 #73 we learn how Strzok is a cooperating witness, one of many. Behind closed doors it appears he testified against KATE Brown, the Oregon Gov who confiscated ranchers’ land for Obama so Russia could mine/transport U1. Strzok telegraphed this with the KATE Coca Cola.
15. LAYER 3: Cooperating Witnesses like Strzok, Page, Priestap, Ohr, Baker, etc. are VERY devastating for [THEM].

SB2 #73 is threaded below for those who want a deeper understanding before proceeding, or to return to after reading this 1917 thread: https://twitter.com/wenewsnow/status/1262092927746150400
16. To solve LAYER 4, SB2 gave the hint: "19+18=37=KATE. Do you like gingerbread?" Re-read SB2 #73. Kate connects to Strzok (cooperating witness). Who makes GINGERBREAD? A baker. BAKER=37=James Baker (cooperating witness). Re-read SB #73 means ‘mirror’ 37, 37=>73=CHILDREN.
17. As SB2 helped us see, the final layer is the most important because it is about the CHILDREN. @inthematrixxx & @shadygrooove found the connection between CHILDREN & 1917 via “1917” a movie about underground/tunnel wars against German regime in WW1.
18. As Trump continued saying 1917, Comey telegraphed this warning to the Deep State, confirming LAYER 4: The Patriots are headed INTO DARKNESS (underground, for the children). He posted this at “19:19” [19=S, SS, Nazi signature, 19 v 17] implying this is a ‘DEFCON1’ panic alert.
19. More Layers: @Qclues did a thread on 1917 including these notable layers: JFK born 1917, 1917 Underground War, Trump says ‘Hidden Scourge’ (top search results HUMAN TRAFFICKING, EUGENICS (1917), “Wu Fang” book--Chinese super villain plans to control world with deadly plague).
20. With four numbers, Trump tells us & [them] that PAIN IS COMING via legally injected evidence & testimony from Assange, Strzok, Page, Baker, etc. regarding the ‘Server’, treason, Russia, ChInA, Iran, & Crimes Against Children. This will destroy [their] evil & save our world.
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