#TrumpPutin's #Treason101:
"Laws do not apply to us. We can steal your money, poison your land, rape your kids, infect your familes, betray your country & turn you into slaves (all for profit). Because laws (to us) are not mandatory. Laws only exist to make us LOOK good!" https://twitter.com/maddow/status/1263538897679716352
Every Hitler YOUR PRIDE refuses to see (in ego's mirror), every Trump YOUR GREED normalizes, bowing to fake loyalty, is history (in truth) repeating itself. Lying proves corruption (the kiss of death to business). Trump is the enemy of all free people. Trump is the enemy of USA.
My "followers" keep dropping. It would be funny, if it were not so tragic. If you think Trump is not evil by nature (like a snake living in your kid's room), you do not know Trump nor treason.
A snake (in & of itself) is not evil. The evil is OUR irresponsibility in allowing a rattlesnake access to our kids at night (without oversight). Allowing Trump's reptile brain to rule over our children's future is a direct result of OUR OWN willingness to accept evil as normal.
The least terrifying part of #PutinPOTUS's "presidency" has been #Covid19 (a pandemic).
Sometimes i feel hopeless. When The Devil's evil (Trump) has so many enablers, excusing him as inept or "sincerely" deluded, as if his corruption is somehow innocent. Trump's "word salad" after questions rallies the spotlight of sympathetic ears that behavior is meant to elicit.
There is an innocence to evil. Giving into temptation to do something evil is like catching fire. Once you're burning (out of control / with no restraint), nobody drives your vehicle (the fire is in charge). This is why we must awaken our wroth. We, who resist, are responsible.
I am Jesus Christ (& so are you), and if you don't understand it, then you don't want to understand it. It is not difficult to grasp. I am JC means "I am responsible". Nobody is more responsible for evil in the world than me (personally). I will not, nor would, escape this truth.
Why does it matter? Feeling our personal responsibility is a prerequisite to finding our wroth, which means discovering we are personally empowered (inherently authorized) to answer the call of our Earth's need; to guard & garden the garden (of truth) that is our children's home.
When evil catches fire, love kicks TheDevil in the balls all day (without missing stride) & puts TheDevil out. Responsibility is joy. & when honesty plants her sword of truth into the corrupt heart of TheDevil's ground, joy will save the world. #InTruthLoveGrows #InLiesAllDies
You cannot escape "HERE THIS NOW"! Try as you might, wish as you would, nobody gets out of here alive or dead. Awake & take responsibility for ending all corruption or you'll reap the horrors of your worst nightmare. The crimes you allow done unto others, you do unto yourself.
"The Devil is in the details (hiding)."
Principles not felt, are principles unknown. Principles not known, are principles unmet. Principles unmet, are promises unkept. Ignorance (of our principles) is "a disgraceful excuse" to enable Trump's tyranny & disable our responsibility.
If believing in something is your definition of evil, then is believing in nothing your definition of good? Disabling "belief" (because you misunderstand it) disables your power. Cycism is a self-fulfilling prophecy (a conspiracy you hold against yourself). Ask & you'll receive.
If what you expect from life is the life of an ant, crawling amidst unimaginable pressures, pressing down upon the oppressed inside a mountain of hierarchy, then you're expecting enslavement, ending with you getting smashed (like a bug). Entropy is not as greedy, as profiteers.
...want to claim, in their Devil's sales pitch for a go faster, work harder, hurry up rat race called "the economy", a train (of thought) designed to enable the greedy to cheat & steal souls, enslaving all free people TO FEED THEIR FAKE EMERGENCY (an entropy they create).
The "glory of victory" conquers wave as a beacon of hope will be a burn of disgrace & #Cult45 will gnash their teeth with greatest regret, if ever the enablers of #TrumpPutin truly conquer USA. #666Dicks will rape & pillage, but know no joy. #ANationOfDishonor #ADamnedDisgrace
No likes on my tweets in this thread. To most, this might be cause for despair. I look for my support in real life (not on Twit), although i DO notice the lack of it. Whatever does not murder me makes me stronger. I cannot know if anyone ever sees this. Or hears me. But I do.
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