She sat upon the hill, her #wildflower eyes reflecting the rippling bluebonnets. Her long hair tangled in the wind, and she was whisked into the sky like a kite. She swayed among the #silver clouds, her troubles left behind in the ant sized town below. #vss365 #MoonMystic
As the stars regained their luster, the wind plopped her onto the back of a flock of sparrows. Their wings touched, creating a living, magic carpet. The chirping birds swerved below the clouds, #detouring towards a flowing #river full of flying fish.
#vss365 #Whistpr
The fish linked their fins to form a small boat. “Goodbye,” said Amelia to her carpet of birds. “Hello,” she said to the boat of fish. She swayed with the glistening salmon down the #spine of the #sapphire river, & soon came upon a house made of petrified wood. #vss365 #Whistpr
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