Today is Afro-Colombian Day! Hoy es el Dia de Afrocolombianidad! This will be a thread related to Black Colombians.
Some of my favorite Afro-Colombian music artists: @chocquibtown, @Mabiland, @PROFETASmusic, @CharlesKingPF, @TribuBaharu, @nidiagongorag, Kombilesa Mi, Joe Arroyo, Tonada Baile Cantado and of course las reinas Petrona Martinez & Totó la Momposina.
Thinking of Emilsen Manyoma today, a Black Colombian woman & human rights activist. She & her husband were assassinated in 2017. May they both rest in peace & power.
Petrona Martinez was my introduction to Colombian folk music. She is also known as La Reina del Bullerengue and is one of the most important Afro-Colombian singers.
This is a documentary in Spanish, on the Palenquero language. I showed this to my parents a few years ago and when they heard the man singing at 5:03, they said "Wow, he sounds like us."❤️
Black Colombians have historically experienced systemic violence and continue to face violence today. This is a documentary in English on the Afro-Colombians of La Toma, in Northern Cauca, Colombia and their relationship with land.
This video gives me allll the diaspora feels. It's a video of Palenquero babies drumming with Congolese music playing in the background.

(I recommend following him on IG)
Colombia has the 2nd largest African descendant population in S. America & 3rd largest in Latin America as a whole. This is part one of a three part series in English on Afro-Colombians.
In this thread I talk about champeta, a Black Colombian music genre with Congolese roots.
There’s a Black Colombian novela on Youtube called Quibdó Baila. This is the first episode. For context, Quibdó is the capital city of Chocó, a municipality known for its high Afro-Colombian population.
This is a documentary on Afro-Colombians and their relationships with food and agriculture. It's in Spanish with English subtitles.
This video features Tania Duarte Diaz, an Afro-Colombian trans woman who is also an activist and member of @Caribeafirmativ, an org that fights for the rights of LGBTQI+ Colombians.
If you have any interest in traveling to Colombia in the future, check out @AfroLatinoTrav,  & . They are all Black owned businesses & all center Black people in their travel experiences.
This is a recorded webinar from @AAPolicyForum called “Afro-Colombian Women: Resistance at the Intersection of Racism, Sexism and War”
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