In a new blog, mental healthcare manager @HarpSanghera26 shares five tips on how best to navigate our mental wellbeing whilst in lockdown.

“The coronavirus pandemic is affecting us all, those with and without mental health problems. Life as we know it has changed.”
“Anyone who already has a mental health diagnosis will now be faced with additional challenges to their psychological wellbeing.”
“Always remember, it is ok to not to be ok. Please be kind to yourself and to others. If you, or someone you know is struggling, please reach out for help.”
“Many mental health services are still running as usual and are ready to provide support to those who need it. For further information, please check out @MindCharity, @MHM_Info and @NHSuk.”
“It can be difficult to keep yourselves well physically and mentally given the current climate. Try the tips and tricks that I have shared. This coping mechanism has worked for some of our most vulnerable patients and may work for you.”

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