My #MsBuild 2020 take:

It seems to me MSFT still doesn't understand what caused popularity of some other platforms - it's not because main framework is OSS, but because communities of those platforms were given a space to innovate and create high quality ecosystem.

MSFT is doing step 1 (OSSing core stuff) but fails at community building - they create an environment where everything needs to depend on a single vendor rather than champion ecosystem diversity. MSFT doesn't have the monopoly for building good and useful stuff on .NET
So giving me a Build that won't announce projects killing community projects but telling we should use those projects instead. Give me Build where all talks won't be scripted, reviewed by legal, marketing sales pitches.
Give me Build with community experts showing a different point of views, rather than a single message from a single vendor. Give me Build which announce projects done in cooperation with community rather than in secret, dropped as big bombs at people working in same space.
.NET is a great platform, you have great programming language (and other not so great ;-)), things like Kestrel are awesome, you have awesome IDE (VSCode).
Just let the ecosystem grow without MSFT trying to control every single aspect to that...
NET is adult already, maybe it needs some space to grow without overprotective parents looking at its every step ;-)

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