Gen. Flynn “secured access for a team of DIA analysts to scour through the documents that had been captured during the 2011 operation to kill Osama bin Laden.” We were looking for ties between al-Qaida and Iran,” says Michael Pregent, a former Army intel officer.
Just as the CENTCOM team was preparing for their trip to Northern Virginia, they were shut down.
Gen. Flynn was one of the few voices to stand firm against former U.S. president Barack Obama’s highly flawed 2015 Iran nuclear deal. This is his tweet on the very day the pact was signed. https://twitter.com/GenFlynn/status/621143814724579329?s=20
Gen. Flynn also realized how the deal played into Iran's hands, providing the world's number one state sponsor of terrorism billions of dollars to fund a conglomerate of terror groups across the Middle East. https://twitter.com/GenFlynn/status/632272717065097216?s=20
In August 2016 more details of the Obama/Iran nuclear deal were emerging, especially the $400 million ransom Obama paid in cash to Iran for a number of hostages.

Again, Gen. Flynn was warning about the deal.
Gen. Flynn was hated by Tehran apologists/lobbyists in the West; most specifically, members of Iran’s main lobby group, @NIACouncil, founded by Trita Parsi.

They were quick to push Tehran’s narrative against the General following his position against the mullahs’ regime.
Back to Lee Smith's article:
“Evidence that Tehran was coordinating with a terror group that had slaughtered thousands in Manhattan & at the Pentagon would make it harder to convince U.S. lawmakers of the wisdom in legitimizing Iran’s nuclear weapons program.”

My take—Sep 2017 https://english.alarabiya.net/en/perspective/features/2017/09/11/ANALYSIS-Revisiting-Iran-s-9-11-connection.html
Back to Lee Smith's article:

“What was the information about al-Qaida’s ties to Iran that Flynn wanted his CENTCOM team to get out?”


In 1987, Ghaani was appointed as the Ansar Corps Commander, which was responsible for operations in Afghanistan and Pakistan. In this capacity, he organized and commanded special IRGC operations in Afghanistan.
Placed on the list of sanctions by the U.S. government, Ghaani has organized a vast network of smuggling in order to supply arms and funds to terrorist proxies in various countries, including Afghanistan, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq.

File photo - Ghaani right of @khamenei_ir
Back to Lee Smith’s piece:

“What concerned the White House therefore was their own party… In return, Obama confronted Iran Deal skeptics in his own party with a hard choice—either support the deal, or you’re out.”
The admin’s promise that the deal would prevent Iran from ever getting a bomb was validated by their messaging campaign brought together friendly journalists, newly minted arms-control experts, social media stars & progressive advocacy groups like the regime-friendly NIAC.
“Obama was simply bribing the Iranians with hundreds of billions of dollars in sanctions relief & hundreds of billions more in investment to refrain from building a bomb until he was safely gone from the White House, when the Iranian bomb would become someone else’s problem.”
Back to Lee Smith's piece:

This was probably when Obama decided to go after Gen. Flynn.
More signs of Obama's full throttle appeasement vis-a-vis Iran's regime

Nov 20, 2016—"Obama Seeks to Fortify Iran Nuclear Deal"

Dec 21, 2016—"Obama administration, allies try to buy time for Iran nuclear deal"
Note John Kerry's relations with @JZarif.
Kerry continues to push Iran's talking points.

Interview from Feb 20, 2020
While Trump is accused of being a Russia pawn, it was Obama who provided Moscow enormous concessions.

Dec 15, 2016—"Russia says loss of Iran nuclear deal would be unforgivable: Interfax"

And Iran ends up the main beneficiary.
Flynn continued to do the job the president had chosen him for. After Iran conducted a ballistic missile test and its Yemeni proxies attacked a Saudi naval ship, he announced in the White House press room:

(Former Obama aides fumed.) https://twitter.com/HeshmatAlavi/status/1259504293419286531?s=20
"Russiagate was not a hoax, as some conservative journalists call it. Rather, it was a purposeful extension of the Obama administration’s Iran Deal media campaign..."
It gets even more interesting:

Gen. Flynn “was promising to conduct a Beltway-wide audit…”

Gen. Flynn would have not tolerated the likes of @saharnow of Iran’s lobby NIAC in the White House. Sahar Nowrouzzadeh worked directly on Obama’s Iran nuclear deal.
“NIAC’s most accomplished alum is Sahar Nowrouzzadeh, who is now National Security Council director for Iran in the Obama admin & the top US official for Iran policy, bringing together various departments working on US strategy toward [Iran]...”
Gen. Flynn understood Iran’s threat & he was hated by Tehran apologists/lobbyists in the West.
Gen. Flynn would not have tolerated providing Iran’s regime access to $150 billion in credit & $1.7 billion in cash. And we know how Tehran’s mullahs used that money.
Lee Smith asks an important question:

"But why Obama would choose the Islamic Republic as a partner & encourage tactics typically employed by third-world police states remain a mystery."

I believe we will know in the not so distant future.

What should be done now?
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