1. Because every student, teacher & #AbEd worker deserves to know their school prioritized safety, we wrote an open letter to @AdrianaLaGrange asking for school safety tours to be a mandatory part of any school relaunch program. #ableg
2. And to help guide families on conditions they may want to keep an eye out for when considering necessary measures for a safe school relaunch, we have also provided three checklists (elementary, middle & high school). #abed #ableg
3. The lists are not exhaustive & are suggestions. We hope they start impt discussions with your teachers, principals, trustees & even @adrianaLagrange.
There is a lot of work to do before schools can/should open. The discussions need to start now.
https://www.supportourstudents.ca/covid-19-middle-school-checklist.html #abed
4. There are so many details that need to be addressed. Use of lockers? Will kids still each lunch on gym floors? Will HS chemistry class be offered with/out labs? Can we return to having a FT school nurse for every school?
#AbEd #ableg
5. Many of these suggestions are COVID19 related, but many of them if implemented, would make schools a better place in the long run. Why not take this opportunity to make all #abed schools safe & accessible places?
This is the opportunity we have before us. Be heard!
Last addition: the open letter and three checklists can all be downloaded as PDFs from our website.

#abed #ableg
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