The SNP's approach to the pandemic was always about using it as a platform to campaign for indyref2. So Sturgeon was put front & centre, to present the SNP as competent & trustworthy, while pushing an approach distinct from England. /1
The role of Westminster was not to be mentioned. Sunak's funding for employees & businesses would by sleight of hand be presented as funding from @scotgov or even the SNP. The Army role in the Nightingale hospital would not be mentioned.
Thus, so the plan went, Scotland would emerge from the pandemic trusting the SNP & feeling able to handle future crises on its own. This would be a splendid position from which to campaign for 2021 & indyref2.
What the SNP omitted to plan for, however, was a thorough response to the pandemic. Hospital patients were emptied into care homes with no testing, testing in general was inexplicably not ramped up massively, contact tracing was shambolic. The catalogue of chaos is lengthy.
The result of the SNP focusing on presentation over substance in the pandemic has been predictable and tragic. Sturgeon must be held accountable for this. There must be a full public inquiry into @scotgov management.
But we won't hold our breath waiting for the SNP to come clean, apologise or reflect publicly on the failings in its response. Because that may jeopardise the sacred cow of independence. And as we all know, independence transcends all, even public safety in a pandemic.
The SNP know they cannot afford to suspend the campaign for independence during the pandemic. Do so & voters will become content again with the status quo. So they must continue to foment discontent & grievance. Despite Sturgeon's claims, the SNP's top priority is still indyref2.
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