Once upon a time, this act by our respected Madam minister was appreciated country-wide.

So, her daughter @ImaanZHazir & husband should've been punished since they failed to make her understand how to behave with police?
Our very respected minister Mustafa Khokar of PPP once manhandled the police official on broad day light in Islamabad infront of media. Forget about punishing his wife or father who has groomed him, police weren't able to punish him even.
Majeed Achakzai, MPA from Balochistan and the brother of Mehmood Achakzai killed a police constable Haji Attaullah 3 years ago in the middle of road crushing him with his vehicle. He was never punished.
Azma Bukhari, MPA Punjab assembly misbehaved with police. He was never arrested or punished.

So, did we demand arresting her husband for her behavior with police? No!
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