Worth breaking down this figure about 90% of private landlords supporting tenants during the pandemic a little.

It's important because the post-evictions ban phase of the government's plan essentially relies on landlords' willingness to support tenants in difficulty
First, it's important to remember the size of the PRS in England is 4.5m households. So even if the figure is correct, that's still 450,000 households who cannot rely on landlord's goodwill.

Something needs to be in place for them.
Second, I'm no expert in polling but this is essentially asking "have you done something which the majority of the population would consider morally wrong". That may swing the figures a little.

What it actually proves is that 10% of landlords are willing to admit refusing help
It really needs to be compared with what tenants @genrentuk polling last week where tenants, by and large, said the opposite:
There is a bias in the Gen Rent polling as well because people who are pissed off with their landlord are more likely to seek out the survey and complete it.

But it does not paint a picture of the majority of landlords being supportive and accommodating
Also, the NRLA lists several offers of help, not all of which are the same. An early release from tenancy may well be a pragmatic business decision rather than an act of altruism.
To reiterate, this isn't about a moral war between landlords and tenants, but because the next phase of the government's plan (currently) relies on private landlords being open to a friendly negotiation.

This polling looks like evidence to support that but probably isn't.
If I was being provocative, I would say if you hear a politician rolling out this stat uncavaeted in the next few days then you know which side they're batting for.
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