Not a chess player or religious, but the Queen is important, unless she's a phony, then the King is the trump card.

Who is the hidden King? Follow the white rabbit.

It's going to be Biblical.

Long Live the King.

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If the Queen's claim to the throne is illegitimate:

What rules and laws would become null and void?

Who would loose their own status, position, power?

What crime will those in power who have sworn allegiance to her committed?

What if the bloodline of the Monarchy has been illegitimate for hundreds of years?

How many Constitutions would we null + void?

How many worldwide laws would legally be null + void?

How much wealth is held by an illegitimate monarchy?

What is Admiralty Law Vs Common Law?

What is a Strawman Vs a natural born citizen?

Why is this important?

Who is Sgt Robert Horton?

Who is Russell Jay Gould?

Who is the New King of England?

If you are truly awake you know that fact/truth can't be accepted or rejected from cursory review.

Discerning the truth needs an open mind that everything we have been led to believe is based on lies.

Government. Hollywood. Legal & Banking systems. History. Religion

Who is the Queen of England?

Who is Joseph Gregory Hallett?

What proof his LEGAL claim to the British Throne?

View the legal documents yourself.

View the video evidence for yourself.

What is the bible? Is there one or are there many?

Which one is truth not fictional stories?

Which one is a reliable book of prophecy?

Would a reliable book of prophecy be available at any bookstore around the world?

What is the sangreal?

Who would really know if prophecies had been fulfilled?

What happened to Ratzinger?

What happened at the Vatican at Easter? What does that signify?

What did QE II do one month later?

What does that signify?
Trust the Plan.

Cue the Trump Card.


Where We Go One We Go All.

It's going to be BIBLICAL.
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