I can't pay my bills off Nancy Pelosi calling Trump fat.

Trust me I tried.

I called the bank and I told them, I'm not going to make my mortgage payment this month but Nancy Pelosi called Trump fat. For some reason, they don't give a fuck and told me payment is due on the 1st.
I can't get access to medical care off Nancy Pelosi ripping up papers.

I called the neurologist to make an appointment, & when they asked about my insurance I told them Nancy Pelosi ripped up Trump's speech.

They refused to accept that as payment even though I showed the video.
Finally I thought that Nancy Pelosi must be doing something for me, so I called Verizon, said I was having trouble paying the bill this month cause my hours are cut. I'm paying my elderly family member's phone & cant they let me pay next month cause Nancy Pelosi clapped sideways.
Well you might be shocked to find out Verizon actually said that I just have to pay my bill in full and they actually do not accept Nancy Pelosi's performative "resistance" gestures as an form of useful aid that would help me in my life as a regular working class American.
tl;dr Nancy Pelosi works for us. rn she and every other politician is an abject failure. Their petty partisan nonsense and willingness to privilege corporations and big business over our very existence. They are failures, every one of them. History books will show their shame.
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