4/ Rachel Schuyler, luckily, does have a phone.

She needs it for virtual visits with her daughter.

Texas isn’t allowing in-person visits during the pandemic. She says she hasn't seen her baby since she was arrested. https://bit.ly/3dZGduQ 
5/ She also has been using it to make phone calls.

Lots of phone calls.

Rachel Schuyler walked out of jail with a list of companies and organizations that could help her get housing, employment and health care. 

But people rarely answer. https://bit.ly/3dZGduQ 
7/ She then spends most of the morning on the side of the road with her hound dog, Kaido, hoping for help from passing cars.

That also has been made more difficult by the pandemic.

“People don’t want to roll down their window.” https://bit.ly/3dZGduQ 
9/9 “Most of the people that I know that got out the same time as me have already gone back to selling drugs,” she said. “It’s unfortunate, but you can’t find a job, you go back to what you know." https://bit.ly/3dZGduQ 
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