Why we should normalize Doyoung Sexy: A Thread
pray for his shirts
just reinforcing that doyoung has Massive Tits
“nagging? you want to see me nag? tell me?” im shaking too
doyoung said he wants to be a CEO and i think we should let him
no i did not forget boss sunglasses doyoung
its big...i know its big!!! god my heart hurts
remembering when someone said this is yuta with his sexy tour manager doyoung
quitting feminism to request that doyoung manspread more
i didnt mean to moan that loud my bad
give me one good reason why I shouldn’t think he’s sexy...quickly
the way this shook ncity...that’s why im preparing y’all
he didn’t even flinch! thats so sexy
i will always return to this
this wasnt intended to be sexy but the way he just looks into the camera and says he blocks sasaengs, doesn’t talk to them, and doesn’t care about them... whew
this bc Finally some doyoung ass
I just wanted to add these mostly for the first pic bc ???????
Its like he SENSED this thread
He really said “Don’t be shy, put some more”
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