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6) Many people are worried that Barack Obama will not be held accountable for his crimes—particularly after recent statements made by AG Barr.

Q assured us that those in positions of power who committed crimes will be held accountable. It's only a matter of time.
7) The takedown of corrupt people requires the use of strategies and tactics similar to those employed in chess.

Chess players don't attempt to take an opponent's king at the beginning of a match. They remove other pieces first.

8) Higher-ranking people in the criminal cabal are protected by and they control the moves of lower-ranking people.

Therefore, removing lower-ranking people first weakens the position of higher-ranking people like Barack Obama.
9) Because Obama is revered by so many people, if we hope to avoid civil unrest, their minds must be changed (the stage must be set) before he can be arrested.

The arrest of lower-ranking people will prove that Obama's administration was corrupt and pave the way for his arrest.
10) AG Barr said based on the information he has "at this time" Barack Obama & Joe Biden won't be criminally investigated.

The DOJ couldn't deal with the negative optics created by an announcement that Obama & Biden were under criminal investigation in an election year.
11) After the November election and after lower-ranking people have been indicted, the stage will be set to announce the prosecution of Biden and Obama.
12) Despite the fact that POTUS is taking hydroxychloroquine, despite the abundant scientific evidence of its efficacy, despite the fact that is has become the standard of care for covid-19 in many countries, the media and Democrats still oppose its use.
13) The attacks on Q and POTUS by the media are evidence of the level of threat they pose to the corrupt establishment.
14) Attacks on POTUS and Q are indirect attacks on us.
16) Q posted this article previously but posted it again because it will provide helpful background information for future events.
18) Q posted three links.
20) In 2010, the World Health Organization and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation announced a "Global Vaccine Action Plan" that hoped to make the next ten years a "Decade of Vaccines."

21) In 2010, Dr. Faucci was a member of the scientific board of a Global Grand Challenges, an organization funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

22) Q posted a YouTube link.
23) The YouTube channel NABU Leaks hosts leaked audio clips of phone calls between Joe Biden and then-Ukrainian president Poroshenko discussing a 1 billion dollar loan after the prosecutor who was investigating Burisma Holdings was fired. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCy5CvZAyn7skY1OCrg0VcYw
25) Q posted a link to a tweet by @CBS_Herridge

26) Herridge shared a declassified copy of the email Susan Rice sent herself hours before leaving the White House.

The email stressed how Barack Obama insisted that everything related to the Trump-Russia investigation was done "by the book."
27) The declassified section shows how James Comey justified having the National Security Council withhold Russia-related information from the incoming administration (General Flynn in particular) because Comey suspected Flynn was too friendly with Ambassador Kislyak.
28) Q posted aa link to a tweet and a video featuring Sean Hannity.
29) Hannity emphasized the phrase "as of now" used by AG Barr in his remarks about #Obamagate

H/T @MaverickInSky
30) From the board.
31) Saving the world from corruption can't be done overnight. It takes time and it requires patience.
33) Why are some states planning to shut down through the summer when China only shut down for a few weeks?

Why do the media attack the use of hydroxychloroquine when it has been used successfully (and with few risks) around the world?
34) Why did POTUS retweet a one-year-old tweet from @USPATRIQT41020, an obvious Q supporter?
The tweet had the hashtag #WWG1WGA

35) @ttp13526 was Q'd for this video
36) In March, Dr. Faucci dismissed the use of masks by healthy people but today, he's endorsing their use.

What changed?

38) Meanwhile, Democrats insist the committee should hold more hearings on the coronavirus.

Is the plandemic a convenient excuse to block the investigation of corruption?
The shut down will end one day after the election.
How do Dems justify the release of criminals from jail?
Do they care about your safety?
Or do they care about remaining in control?
40) When we are united we have strength over our elected leaders.
Elected leaders divide us to keep us powerless.
When we unite, we have the power to change the world and make it what we want it to be.
41) On March 6th, White House reporters wore no masks.
On March 8th, they wore masks.
What changed?
42) @TheUnitedSpot1 was Q'd for this video.

43) Q responded.


44) Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson requested Rick Grenell declassify more documents showing unmasking requests made by the Obama administration going back to January of 2016.

48) Q highlighted this point in July of 2018.
49) Q stressed the importance of understanding the terminology and procedures used in intelligence gathering and the sharing of intelligence products.
50) Some intelligence gathering techniques target specific individuals while incidentally collecting information on others. In the U.S, the name of a U.S. person collected incidentally (the person is not a target) is masked when it appears in a report.
51) If an intelligence report contains a masked name of a U.S. person, in some cases, it is permissible to ask that the name be unmasked. When a name is unmasked, strict rules must be followed.
53) FISA Section 702 permits the government to target for surveillance foreign persons located outside the United States for the purpose of acquiring foreign intelligence information.
54) The FBI generally operates under the rules that govern FISA surveillance. Their domain is primarily domestic surveillance.
55) The CIA is not governed by FISA. Their domain is primarily overseas. They may receive information from foreign intelligence agencies (such as Five Eyes nations like the UK) without generating a report in official U.S. intelligence channels.

56) A U.S. person would not ordinarily be a valid target for CIA surveillance, but they may become one if they travel overseas.

Did General Flynn travel overseas in 2016?
57) Because the CIA does not create the kind of paper trail the FBI does, it would be the logical choice to run (quarterback) the surveillance operation against the Trump campaign.
58) Q posted a link to a 2014 article about illegal CIA surveillance done under the direction of John Brennan.
60) Q posted a link to the CIA library.
61) The linked article is about the CIA's use of journalists.

The role of reporters in the Crossfire Hurricane operation was publishing leaked intelligence in a way that cast Donald Trump in a negative light.

62) Q posted a link to a 1996 report by the Senate Intelligence Committee.

The public is about to learn the CIA's role in an intelligence operation that had the objective of harming Donald Trump.
63) The linked report details how for decades the CIA has used reporters and members of the clergy to achieve operational objectives.

64) Q posted a link to an article by The Federalist.
68) Q responded.
69) https://twitter.com/RichardGrenell/status/1263510058161319937
70) Hydroxychloroquine will be given proactively to more than 40,000 healthcare workers in the UK.

H/T @TruthHammer888
71) HCQ has been used by millions of people with few side effects.
Why do some journalists oppose its use?

72) Hydroxychloroquine was first approved for use in the U.S. in 1955, and is considered an essential medication.
It is among the safest drugs on the market and is one of the most commonly prescribed medications.
73) Death from the flu is relatively rare. More often, patients with the flu will develop pneumonia and then respiratory failure which leads to death.
In these cases, pneumonia (or respiratory failure) is the true cause of death but these deaths are called "flu-associated."
74) The CDC conflates the terms "death from the flu" and "flu-associated death."
They include pneumonia in the term "flu-associated death" to create the appearance that the flu kills more people than it actually does.
74) As an example: In 2001, the combined category "influenza and pneumonia" claimed 62, 034 lives, but nearly all deaths—61,777— were attributed to pneumonia while only 257 were attributed to the flu.
(In only 18 cases was the flu virus positively identified.)
75) It is widely reported that the flu kills around 50,000-60,000 people per year, but data during the 23-year period between 1979 and 2002 showed an average of 1348 flu deaths per year with a low of 257 and a high of 3006.

78) @tteegar was Q'd for this video.
79) https://twitter.com/tteegar/status/834440794375327744
80) Q reposted a drop from July of 2019 along with a link to an article.
82) Susan Rice's declassified email explains that Barack Obama and James Comey reiterated in their Jan 5, 2017 meeting that everything regarding the Trump-Russia investigation was being done "by the book.'
83) Most of us assume that Rice's insistence that things were being done "by the book" was for the purpose of absolving the Obama administration of the appearance of wrongdoing.

Is it possible this statement served another purpose?
84) If Obama's goal was to hide information about the Trump-Russia investigation from Gen Flynn and Donald Trump, is it possible the "by the book" reference gave Comey a reason to conceal information from them?
85) Comey claimed that General Flynn was being too cozy with Russian Ambassador Kislyak. He claimed there was an appearance of impropriety.
Even though Flynn's phone calls were perfectly normal, Comey used them as a reason to keep the bureau's nvestigation of the General open.
86) Comey had an open counterintelligence investigation of Flynn (and indirectly the Trump administration). The predicate was collusion with Russia. If things were to be done "by the book" he would be REQUIRED not to give information about that investigation to Flynn or Trump.
87) Q confirmed that at the Jan 5th meeting Obama gave an order (based on Comey's assessment) to keep information about the Trump Russia investigation from General Flynn, Donald Trump, Jeff Sessions, and anyone else who might cause a problem if they found out about it.
92) Admiral Rogers had a SCIF installed at Trump Tower prior to the meeting to facilitate a classified briefing. (I would assume Rogers gave Trump the information Obama and Comey wouldn't.)
Rogers has been cooperating with AG Barr regarding the #Obamagate investigation.
94) To keep General Flynn and Jeff Sessions from learning through official channels what the FBI and CIA were doing, they forced Sessions to recuse himself from all things Russia & entered Flynn into the Mueller investigation which prevented him from discussing the issue.
95) Q suggested that Adam Schiff secretly coordinated with Col Vindman and Eric Ciaramella (National Security Council) to launch a fake whistleblower complaint which provided a plausible reason to impeach POTUS in the House of Representatives.
96) On the same day China was forced to give back billions to the U.S. by signing the phase one trade deal, the first covid-19 positive patient arrived in the U.S. and Nancy Pelosi sent the articles of impeachment to the Senate.
98) Why have parts of the U.S. been locked down for months when the nation of origin for covid-19 (China) only shut down for a few weeks?
99) Is this about the virus or the election?

100) Q posted a photo of an Iranian official who attended a meeting in Paris in 2018. The official just happened to be in Paris at the same time as Obama's Secretary of State (and architect of the Iran deal), John Kerry.
101) Photos taken by @_JasonOsborne caused speculation that Kerry was meeting with Iranian officials in attempt to assure them that the Iran deal was safe (despite the fact that Kerry had no authority to represent U.S. interests.)
102) A week earlier, POTUS tweeted this. https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/993492804985872385
104) Q posted a link to a Forbes article.
106) Q posted a link to an article by The Guardian.
107) 4 months after his inauguration, Donald Trump made his first visit to Europe.

Curiously, Barack Obama was there at the same time.
108) Q posted a link to an article by The Independent
109) In November of 2017, Barack Obama met with the leaders of India and China not long after Donald Trump met with them.

110) Unlike prior presidents, Obama has publicly criticized his successor including Trump's policies on immigration and healthcare, and the decisions to pull out of the Paris Climate Accord and the Iran deal.

111) @2020Qanon noted that according to a recent model, the plandemic should be over by November.
112) Amazing coincidence.

113) @prageru was Q'd for this short video explaining the truth about the Democrat and Republican parties and their records on civil rights.
114) Democrats couldn't change the facts of history so they created a propaganda campaign that pushed a false narrative regarding civil rights.
117) @KattyKay_ took a swing at POTUS on Memorial Day Weekend.
118) Q responded with a comment and a link to a YouTube video.

119) 😎🇺🇸

120) From the board.
121) Some people don't get Q's sarcasm.
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